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✅ Oltre 8 anni di esperienza nel Marketing, Social Media Marketing e Public Relationship (PMI, Politica, Comuni) e 3 nel Business Development e Web Reputation (PMI).

💡 Inventore e proprietario di un innovativo brevetto riconosciuto novità mondiale del settore Automotive, in particolare quello del Seating.

ℹ️ Pianificatore e calcolatore di natura. Coraggioso e ambizioso, punto sempre ad ottenere il massimo. Smart, ideatore, “illuminato”.

I miei 4 punti cardine:

💭 think outside.

🔎 attenzione ai dettagli.

🎯 problem solving.

💡 innovazione e nuove tecnologie.

Cit. Your margin is my opportunity. (Jeff Bezos)

Cit. Be bold. The more you tell, the more you sell. (David Ogilvy)

Cit. People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. (Steve Jobs)

Cit. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. (John Quincy Adams) 


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Francesco Del Vecchio

🔹 See, learn, improve.©️

🔹 Be a pioneer not a follower.©️

🔹 Be smart but take risks or you won't anything.©️

🔹 Be brave, fight, emerge from the crowd then get the deserved glory.©️

🔹 Be strong, don't let it sink you. Go on your way, don't let it change except by yourself.©️

🔹 Trust yourself and remember, you are your business.©️

🔹 Invest, invest, invest. Invest money, time, in ideas, in people, the important thing is that you invest. Break the cage!©️

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